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This crucial life skill isn’t taught in school…

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Get one month of weekly Improv lessons for just $69!

Communication skills are consistently rated the #1 most important skill to have in the workforce. Help your child to easily communicate and build their confidence today!

What Improv Classes Do For Your Child




Being Present

Being Relaxed

"My son had had the opportunity to meet and work with other kids from all over the country. It was a fun and unique experience to work together remotely. If you're in need of classes in the comfort of your home, highly recommend ClasShare."
Heather Cipriani

What Will You Learn?

  • The improvisation mindset
  • How to be a rock solid team player
  • How to think on your feet,
    act from your impulses,
    and be spontaneous under pressure
  • How to be authentic while acting
  • How to deal with unexpected circumstances
    and remain calm and collected

Learning. Building Skills. Having Fun.

Step 1

Sign up for a 50-min class for only $10, see if your child likes it.

improv classs

Step 2

If your child likes it, you can enroll in the communications program, starting with Improv A.

Step 3

Make Improv classes a part of your child’s weekly routine and see quick progress!


meet our Improv teachers

Gabriel G

MC Breezy G’ studied improv at The Groundlings, ACME Comedy, and Spitfire Improv schools. He is a professional show host, emcee, and worldwide entertainer.

He has acted in 12 national commercials, 1 Super Bowl spot, and had 4 leads in feature films!

As an improv coach, he loves inspiring students to believe in themselves and make their dreams come true!

Michael Wehrli

Michael has tens of thousands of hours of classroom experience including improv workshops, residencies, summer camps, and class intensives.

He also has several published plays, has directed over 150 shows, and has been an actor in over 100 plays.

Michael loves helping students become comfortable on stage and in life.

Nancy Walker

Nancy Howland Walker is a SAG/AFTRA actor, teacher, director, writer, and educator. She has been a professional improviser for thirty years, performing thousands of comedy shows for businesses, schools, and theaters.

Nancy leads trainings for major corporations on creativity, team building, and communication, and runs international workshops and master classes for Second City on Musical Improv.


Satisfaction Guaranteed–30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you give your first 50-minute session a try and are not satisfied, we will gladly give you a full refund within 30 days of enrolling. No questions asked.

What Improv Classes Do For Your Child


Improvisers are trained to be open to whatever happens. They are more courageous, because they have faced the common fear of speaking unprepared in front of people.


Improvisers must develop entire worlds in order to perform scenes made up on the spot. Doing this again and again builds confidence and excitement in their own creativity.


A good sense of play is vital to being spontaneous. Improvisers return to their natural ability to play during games and scenes, so they build strong skills to be spontaneous.

Being Present

Improvisation is THE Art Form of the present moment. Since nothing is written down, there is no editing or pre-scripting what will happen. Nor are there any second thoughts, as the improviser needs to stay attentive to what is happening.

Being Relaxed

Improv teaches students to expect the unexpected. Going with the flow, no matter where it takes them, improvisers learn that it’s also great fun to go to unexpected places. This means leaving their comfort zone isn’t stressful anymore.

What Makes ClasShare Special?

Professional Support

Industry professionals support and work with your child every step of the way.

Small Class Size

Each class is limited to 4-8 students, in order to ensure each student gets enough opportunities to engage and practice.

Supportive Environment

Our courses actively engage and excite students! We provide the supportive environment and resources to help them achieve their goals in acting, communication and beyond!


Showcase Talents

We are constantly producing videos, commercials, and films for our students. Our monthly improv shows allow students to practice and perform using their new skills! Our Youtube channel has over 7k subscribers.


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Course Curriculum

Secret of Improv

This course not only teaches the basics of improv, but it also gives your child a fun and engaging weekly activity that builds their confidence. Not only that, but they also make friends while they learn in our highly personalized small group classes!

In this exciting, 5-week course on improvisation, students will learn how actors need to be able to think on their feet, use their imaginations, act from their impulses, and work as a team. In every class, students will participate in improv games and group exercises designed to improve their skills, apply what they’re learning, and have ridiculous amounts of fun!

Students will learn how to make bold choices, act under given circumstances, and listen and respond with all of their senses. And… in a final class, students will perform scripted scenes, multiple times, (”Wait, I thought this was improv?!”) with the same dialogue, but with different scenarios, relationships, and locations each time! Although improv is a lot of fun, it is an essential tool in all actor's tool-kits.

Not only does improv help actors build confidence and overcome fears of making mistakes, but it helps them be spontaneous and play off of their acting partners. It also teaches actors how to handle last minute changes, things that go wrong, and stressful auditions. One never knows exactly what will happen when under pressure! Students will leave this class with less self-consciousness, an understanding of how to be a team player, and ready to be a team player, and be ready to handle the unexpected.


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