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Our classes are designed to be highly interactive, engaging, and fun! Best of all we provide a platform to showcase your child's talents to the world.

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Every course is result-driven for success. You'll notice an increase in your child's productivity. We provide videos to demonstrate your child's skills.


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"My 13 year old daughter has attended two rounds of improv classes at ClasShare. Especially during the isolation of the pandemic, these classes have been a huge boost for my daughter's confidence, acting skills and she had tons of fun in every single class. She also gladly participated in their improv competition show and was extremely pleased with that experience as well and her second place... I can tell she has more confidence in her self-tapes, and anytime she needs to talk in front of people, and she acknowledges it as well. Not to mention their affordable prices ?? we will continue to use and recommend Classhare for acting classes."

Lola's Mom

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"My daughter has been enjoying ClasShare classes since January 2021. Not only is she having fun in all of their classes, she is learning a lot! Her confidence has visibly increased since taking ClasShare classes and her ClasShare classmates have quickly become friends that she looks forward to seeing each week. She receives personalized feedback from each of her instructors to help her grow in her skills. ClasShare teachers all genuinely care about their students and want to see them succeed. As an added bonus, these classes are really affordable. I would definitely recommend ClasShare to any parent who is looking for affordable, virtual, quality classes for their child."

Addy's Mom

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"I took many classes at ClasShare, my favorite one is the Acting on Camera. I love this class because it taught me how to act in front of the camera and helped me for my auditions. The teacher is super nice, he interacts with all the students, and makes sure we have something to take away after each class. I want to say Thank you ClasShare for giving me this amazing opportunity to be able to take acting classes at an affordable price. they even provide career opportunities which I can make income by been a role model! I also made many friends through ClasShare community and network!"


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"I took the Sketch Comedy class at ClasShare, the instructor helped me to develop and perform a funny monologue, I learned what blackout scenes are and we had a show at the end of the course where we presented our original work. I was able to act in the short film called Elite Nurf Force, where we filmed virtually. It turned out to be a great film, and I can use it as a reel to add to my profile. My experience with ClasShare has truly been a gift. I have gained skills, exposure and have made a lot of friends. Thank ClasShare for all you do."


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"I have taken many classes at ClasShare-from acting to public speaking and international short film. My favorite classes are improv and short film. I have developed my improv skills and performed in the improv show. I also did commercials for ClasShare, which you can watch on ClasShare's Instagram and YouTube. Due to the training, I was booked in several commercials already and started my acting career.Thank you ClasShare!"


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"I'm so thankful we've found ClasShare! It's proven to be an invaluable resource. They offer a variety of courses taught by coaches/industry experts who truly enjoy engaging with the students. Teaching techniques that help develop greater confidence in acting styles/speech is showing to be a proven formula for success. I highly recommend this program to everyone!"

Jeremy's Mom


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