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Our high-quality online after school classes help your kids build the essential and creative skills valued by schools, universities and leaders everywhere.

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Your child’s future is a clean slate with unlimited potential. ClasShare’s team of educators, curriculum designers and industry experts developed fun and engaging online classes. Each topic is covered in a 3-level curriculum that taps into a child’s natural creativity while reinforcing fundamental skills.

Leveled Curriculum For Mastery Of Any Skill

Introduction to main concepts

Development of knowledge and skills

Mastery of the topic

No one expected to move to remote learning so quickly in March when the global pandemic hit. My 8-year-old son had so much free time that we struggled to find quality academic activities to keep him from playing video games all day.
I signed my son up for more than 100 online classes, but I found the quality was inconsistent, and it was very time consuming to search for classes on different platforms. I created ClasShare with the mission of providing high-quality, skills-based courses to build skills for a better future.
Wei Hunter
ClasShare Founder and CEO

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Unique Kids. Unique Teachers. Unique Classes.

We specialize in creating classes for interests as unique as each learner!

Our teachers convey their love of their subject. We make curriculum both practical and fun.

We cater to kids who need challenges and kids who need practice.

Our curriculum strives to meet the specific needs of individual learners. You pick just the right class for your child in critical subjects like reading, writing, friendship, or drama. Watch your child learn and develop confidence and excitement about learning.

We know some kids are bold, shy, or need extra motivation!

We work hard to design classes that are both engaging and motivational. We hire qualified teachers who love kids, love the subjects they teach, and who want to help your learner succeed.

What if ClasShare doesn’t have the class I am looking for?

We regularly add and update courses. We welcome your ideas and provide opportunities for you to share them with us.


You are our community, and we can cater to your needs.