The Secrets of Improv


The Secrets of Improv

In this 50-mins live class (limit to 8 students/class), students will have fun while developing verbal and performance skills for both performance and real life.

Why improv? To help students gain confidence in speaking and using imagination and creativity to solve real-world problems. 

What Will You Learn?

Under the instruction of an experienced  teaching artist, students will learn to unlock the “secrets” of improvisational acting, including:

  • The “yes, and…” technique of building  a scene and character by working with and listening to their acting partner.
  • Sense memory and emotional recall, which help build empathy and listening  skills.
  • Self-confidence, communication skills, and comfort in public speaking.



  • For students-to learn basic rules in Improv and discover their interests. 
  • For ClasShare- to assess each student’s level of confidence, speaking fluency, improvisation and performing skills.