IPOP Talent Showcase
one of the largest in the world

Summer Showcase – July 27th~Aug 2nd, 2023
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ClasShare is an Authorized Registered Member of the International Presentation of Performers (iPOP)

Over 100+ leading agents, managers, casting directors, and music industry professionals

We Provide Actors, Singers, Models, And Dancers With The Platform And Support They Need To Succeed!

Whether you are here for Film, Stage, TV, Print, or the Runway our goal is to help you succeed in the Arts! 

Meet Industry Professionals, gain professional training, and be on the fast track to succeed!



If you have the passion and dedication to succeed in Movies commercials or TV shows, anyone and everyone can fit into this category! Proper training, professional headshots, and an entertainment resume will help you land the role you audition for.


Fashion Models are generally  5’8 and above Female, and 5’11 and above Male. Most everyone else can do commercial, fashion print, and catalogue work.


Whether it’s Musicals on Broadway, TV shows, or cutting your own record you must have experience or training to compete with the best. Taking professional direction is essential!


Flexibility and range of motion are critical to a professional dancer’s reputation and success. Training or experience is highly recommended and essential to becoming successful!

About Us

We have well-established relationships with SAG/AFTRA Agents, Managers, Producers, & Casting Directors to help provide you with the necessary exposure to propel your career in the Exciting World of Entertainment! 

We connect aspiring young actors with Industry Professionals from all over the US and around the world, dramatically increasing young actors playing major roles in films or commercials. 

A few of our Success Stories

Our clients have kids on TV, Movies, Commercials, and Magazines.

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