Tailored Curriculum for Productivity.

ClasShare has prepared the most unique, fun, and engaging virtual summer camp ever. We have developed 8 different tracks focusing on building the skills they need for their future success. Taught by certified professionals in each industry, our summer camp classes will spark your kid's curiosity, creativity, and imagination - all while offering your kid endless hours of fun!

Within one week, they can learn:

  • How to be a great speaker
  • How to pitch a business idea
  • How to be an actor
  • How to make their own film
  • How to be a leader
  • How to create YouTube videos
  • And More!

Learn, Entertain, Fitness – (Every half a day)

During these times of uncertainty, children are deprived of some of the most rewarding Experiences like a summer camp.

Not anymore! Combing educational value with a fun skill-based approach, our classes will help your children broaden their horizons, develop essential skills, and improve their communication skills.

Add fun physical activities to the equation and you have the summer camp that will make your kids look forward to every single class!

Help Your Kid Discover Unique Talents

Develop real world skills for their future success

Children In Age 8 To 15 Have The Opportunity To Learn And Improve Their Skills In:


Acting Fundamentals 1A
Intermediate Acting 2A
Acting in Film 2B
Create YouTube Videos 8B
Comedy Creative 4A
Theater Creative 5A
Be A Great Speaker 6A
Entrep Be A Leader 7A

What We Offer

Course Options

Half-day Camps-3 hours

9am-12pm | 1pm-4pm

2 main skill-based classes

1 fitness/movement class

15 mins social time

How It Works

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We will setup a time to meet with your kid.
Then we will group them with similar interests and ages.