It all started with the mission of
“Helping kids build successful career paths”

The Why

Becoming influencers & actors have become the most desired career paths for kids. Social media fame drives their desires to express themselves,  show off their talents and have the opportunity to make money or gain fame. But there are not enough opportunities out there for kids. The supply and demand in this industry are extremely unbalanced. 

The Solution

ClasShare creates opportunities for kids in the entertainment industry. We connect aspiring young actors with filmmakers from all over the US and around the world, dramatically increasing the odds of young actors playing major roles in films or commercials. 

FilmForKids Community

The Only Online Community Dedicated to Kid Actors & Influencers.

Three ways we help our kids get closer to their dreams:

Education: Continuous education is important to master any skill. Our live, cohort-based classes are taught by top tier instructors and industry experts.

Entertainment: We provide them with a platform to showcase their talents, through our multi-channel network.

Monetization: We help kids monetize their skills by providing them job opportunities in films & commercials.

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Meet Our Team

Wei Hunter 1

Wei Hunter

CEO & Founder

A serial entrepreneur, producer, brand strategist and a mother of a young actor. Wei founded ClasShare with a mission to help kids build skills for their future success.

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Katrina Starnes


An expert marketing research and customer experience consultant, she is mom of 4 and relationship builder. Katrina joined ClasShare because of her passion to help kids live their dreams.

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Aaron Jenkin

Creative Director

With over 15 years of filmmaking, content creation, video editing, and marketing experience, he is a father and creative visionary. Aaron also holds a BFA in film from SCAD.


Let’s incubate tomorrow’s KOLs & Influencers, together!

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